Leo Legion is an emerging athleisure apparel brand focusing on providing high quality, fashion and ultra-comfortable athleisure fits
that suits all your active needs whether it is grinding the hardest workout at the gym, chilling at home in style, running errands like a boss,
as cozy travel wear or even as your go-to work from home uniform.

What does quality mean to us?

Our apparel design prototypes go through iterations of rigorous testing using real local fitness enthusiasts & athletes. They battle test our
apparel during their hardest workouts & activities. We use this valuable feedback to tailor the right fit, select the perfect fabric type that
boosts activity/training performance and be durability-tested through multiple wash and dry cycles.

What does Leo Legion represent?

We want to empower struggling talents to become future leaders, mentors, lions.
We are supporting upcoming local athletes and artists to succeed in their goals by sponsorships.
We are promoting their body of work and art through our apparel brand to give their fans an opportunity to support them.
We aim to extend this support to underdeveloped countries where more such talents will be sponsored to enable them to meet their goals.
We will have the succeeded talents identify, mentor the next-gen creating an ever-growing army of lions.
We want to create a culture, a movement where struggling talents are heard, seen, and empowered.
That's what we are, Leo Legion.

Every customer who buys our products is directly supporting this cause, these athletes and Artists & get admittance to the legion.
Join us, let’s be the change.

We design out of Seattle, Washington.